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MIX creative community strives to provide an intentional place where supportive individuals can work alongside one another, be inspired by each other, cheer for each other, accomplish their goals and/or grow their small businesses.

MIX Creative Community is a coworking space uniquely designed to provide functional and comfortable workspace for creative entrepreneurs and makers in West Des Moines, IA.  We are not *just* for creatives though, we welcome anyone looking for a cozy place to work on their projects and passions.

At MIX, we offer flexible membership options to allow you to utilize the space in a way that fits your needs through reserved studio spaces, supplies storage, community and meeting space and workshops/pop-up events.

Oh, hello!

Meet Owner, Mindy Carlson

As a maker and small business owner who has worked in coffee shops and out of my home, I am personally aware of some of the unique challenges many creatives and business owners face.  I am thrilled to bring my letterpress business, Minderson Press, into MIX Creative Community.  I am passionate about building a community that encourages and supports folks who are going after their big ideas.

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